Africa could easily pass as the technological center of the world if it was not for the various oppression we face every day.

I mean, it would easily take a westerner to create something in the western world and have it embraced by Africans, but this would be different if an African creates the same thing.

Banku Cooking Machine
Man Invents Banku Cooking Machine (VIDEO)

Africans will not embrace it.

Well, a young Ghanaian who probably got tired of ‘driving’ Banku – a local food made from corn dough – has been able to build a machine for it.

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The machine, not patented yet, can ‘drive’ or cook Banku to perfection.

From a video that has surfaced, the young man is seen standing next to the machine that had corn dough in it.

The machine is seen ‘driving’ the Banku to perfection as the young inventor maneuvers.

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