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Man kills neighbor for repeatedly asking “When are you getting married?”

when are you getting married

Every person’s most-dread question ever, you don’t ask and don’t expect anyone to ask you. Even when asked by older and much respected person, the whole question is very annoying. The annoyance heightens when the question is popped by the same person over and over.

A man has been iced by his own neighbor because she repeatedly asked him the question of “when are you getting married?”.

Sounds ridiculous? Not really because that’s exactly what happened recently in Indonesia and citizen across the world are in shock because of the horrific incident.

According to reports has chanced on, a 29-year-old Faiz Nurdin of Kampung Pasir Jonge, Indonesia killed a 32-year-old pregnant woman named Aisyah. The neighbor often asked Faiz when he’s getting married and things went overhead.

A resident recalled a scenario where Faiz was questioned by the neigbor while sitting in front of his house.

“Faiz get married, the others are already married, why aren’t you getting married yet?” These words offended Faiz the resident said.

Eventually, Faiz grew tired of the woman and came up with a wicked plan. According to a report by Buzzflare, Faiz visited Aisyah later that day, followed the pregnant lady to her room, pushed her on the bed. Faiz then “strangled her to death with his bare hands”.

Apparently, the pregnant lady who kept asking Faiz “When are you getting married” tried to fight back by biting her killer’s hand but unfortunately Faiz was too strong. Sad but very strange.

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