Man Sentenced To Death For Raping 2-Year-Old Girl

A man named Usman Shehu Bashir has been sentenced to death in kaduna after he was found guilty of the act and ordered to be killed by hanging by the Kaduna State High Court.

Usman was said to have raped a two years girl after taking her into her room in 2005 where the incident happened.

Justice Kabir Dabo the sitting judge on the case stated that the judgement of death by hanging was passed under section 221 of the penal code, Kaduna State law 1999 as amended.

Usman who confessed to doing the act pleaded guilty stating that he had done it and the incident happened for over 40 minutes .

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The judge said, “The convict has confessionally confirmed the occurrence of the offence, as well, his written statements also confirmed. By these two confessional statements, the court passed the judgement. On that fateful day, the convict took late Fatima to his room and for about 40 minutes, he raped her which led to her death, after the establishment of all the evidence of committing the crime,” Vanguard quoted him as saying.

He further stated that the convict has the right to appeal the judgement within the next 90 days.

Father of the raped girl Malam Zakariya Ya’u Dahiru stated that he was happy that her daughter had finally recieved justice for the act done to her .


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