A man who was shot about 15 times in South Africa refuses to fall to the ground and yet approached his shooter in a new viral video that has just surfaced on social media.

Protests are common in South Africa, and we are used to them as they are part of our daily lives.

Man Shot 15 Times Gun Never Falls
Man Shot 15 Times With A Gun Never Falls & Approaches Shooter (VIDEO)

It is a common practice for people to meet up and protest the sitting government to put across their grievances.

A video has been trending on social media where a man with a gun is seen firing shots at another man.

The young man was shot several times and instead of falling due to bullets, he continues to walk around like nothing is happening.

He approaches the man who is holding the gun and the shooter is seen running away for his life. As he runs, the police minibus arrives at the scene and the police jump out to catch the culprit.

These policemen instead of arresting him, jump in to kick him and this can be seen in the video. The bystanders can be heard screaming from the background while this is taking place.

Source: OccupyGh.com