Man Stabs Grandmother To Death
Man Stabs Grandmother To Death With Pitchfork Over Money Argument

Man Stabs Grandmother To Death With Pitchfork Over Money Argument

A young man who lives in Chicago in the USA has been charged with murder after he allegedly stabbed his 96-year-old grandmother to death and severely injuring his 73-year-old mother with a pitchfork.

Dujuan Randle, 41, also reportedly chased a witness back into her home during Tuesday’s brutal attack, which authorities believe was triggered by a dispute over money.

The suspect was held without bond Thursday on charges of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder, two days after allegedly carrying out the fatal stabbing in broad daylight in front of horrified neighbors.

Randle was arrested around 11.30 am Tuesday, just minutes after he stabbed his grandmother Myrtis Jackson, 96, and his mother, 73, outside the home they all shared in the city’s Auburn Gresham neighborhood, the Chicago Police Department said.

He allegedly used a pitchfork to stab both female relatives multiple times, killing the 96-year-old Jackson.

Randle’s mother, who has not been named, was rushed to the University of Chicago Medical Center to be treated for serious injuries.

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Randle was taken to St Bernard Hospital for a head wound sustained before the attack.

Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin DeBoni said at yesterday’s bond hearing that Randle arrived at the house around 11 am and kicked in the door, WTTW reports.

He angrily demanded that Jackson and her daughter hand over money they were supposedly holding for him.

Randle followed the women into the kitchen and punched one of them before heading out to the back of the house to grab a pitchfork, according to the prosecutor.

At that point, Randle’s mother called 911 and the two women fled into the front yard.

Randle pursued them there and allegedly knocked Jackson to the ground before starting to stomp on her and stab her with the pitchfork.

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He then did the same to his mother, beating and stabbing her while cursing and ordering the victims to “get the bank card and unlock the phone.”

Randle allegedly admitted during police interview to stabbing the women with the pitchfork for depriving him of “food and money.”

An autopsy performed on Jackson revealed that she had suffered blunt force trauma to the head, a puncture wound to the shoulder and a contusion to her eye.

Her daughter remained in hospital Thursday.

Randle’s criminal history dates back to at least the mid-90s and includes arrests for theft and drug possession, according to records. Sources also indicate that he has a history of mental illness. He is due in court for a hearing on July 28.