Man’s Manhood Breaks During Rough Sekz In A Hotel | PHOTOS

A young Nigerian man has had his manhood broken during a rough sekz with an unidentified lady in a hotel, according to a social post sighted by on Twitter.

Medical personnel, @OlumideAdeuyi, who shared graphic photos of the fractured manhood online, said the man was ”pounding vigorously” when he hit the ”Mons Pubis”, a part of the female vaginal anatomy, resulting in his manhood fracturing.

He wrote:

“It happened around 5 am Sunday AM in a nearby hotel. D guy was pounding away vigorously. In a bid 2 give d hardest and strongest thrust from a little distance outside the box, he crashed his manhood on the mons pubis. The next thing he heard was a sound kam, the manhood was bent”

Reacting to the report, popular Nigerian medical doctor and social media influencer, @DrOlufunmilayo took time to explain how penile fracture can happen to a man and the aftereffect of such an accident.

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“A young man just had his manhood fracture. It is rare but it can happen. The manhood contains no bones but when fully erect it can break suddenly. Rough sekz and aggressive riding can cause it. “Harder harder” “Let me write coconut with my hips” Solape the stallion, please come down o.

While we are all laughing, This is a serious emergency. The guy will hear kpauuuu like a fanbelt cut suddenly. And what happens is similar. The expanded tissues under the erect manhood skin suddenly tear due to the rough sekz. Very painful. Like breaking a bone.

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And as I said it is an emergency Surgery that has to be done immediately. If nothing is done: That manhood can be permanently deformed, the man may never get an erection again or struggle to get it, he may never be able to have sekz, and to urinate can become a problem.

And in case you have never seen what it looks like before, here are some images: (The broken manhood becomes bent, deformed, swollen and engorged with blood from internal bleeding into the manhood) It’s not a great sight at all. So please, dear entanglement crew, Let’s be careful.”

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