mmebusem jesus
Mmebusem Jesus: Mmebusem's Funny Video - Blind Messiah

Mmebusem Jesus: Mmebusem Jesus is a Kumawood actor portraying the ‘modern day Ghana Jesus’ in his creative, funny yet educative viral videos.

Mmebusem Jesus’ funny videos has gain advance popularity within the Ghanaian entertaining scene in a very short period of time.

Critics including renowned gospel musician Cindy Thompson have questioned his religion and motive for his various viral videos portraying the ‘modern day Ghana Jesus’.

mmebusem jesus
Actor Mmebusem Jesus with Wife

The kumawood actor, Mmebusem Jesus reportedly replied critics, revealing that his viral videos are simply to entertain the masses and nothing else.

Mmebusem is undoubtedly the funniest actor in Ghana right now.

Checkout his video of the Blind Messiah below or click for more