Ghanaian media personality Mona Gucci has revealed that Ghanaian Slay Queens run a ring of visiting Nigerians to sell their body for $15,000 to $20,000.

According to Mona Gucci, she knows a clique of Ghanaian ladies who are involved in this ring of business.

Mona Gucci Exposes Ghanaian Exchange Bodies Money Nigeria
Mona Gucci Exposes Slay Queens Who Exchange Their Bodies For Money In Nigeria For $15,000 (VIDEO)

Revealing further, Mona revealed that these Nigerians that are offering such business to Ghanaian slay queens are mostly involved in a lot of spiritual vices.

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With more exposure, Mona revealed that these businesses are run by agents in both Ghana and Nigeria.

She further revealed that these slay queens come back to Ghana with about $30,000 they might have made from one trip to Nigeria. They buy expensive cars.

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These slay queens take pictures and then post them on Instagram with the caption “Hard Work Pays”.

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