Imagine cleaning your daughter’s room and finding a snake, mistakenly it for a shoelace?

Yes, that’s the trauma this young mother was faced with.

Mum Snake Daughter Bedroom
Mum Finds Poisonous Snake In Daughter’s Bedroom Thinking It Was A Shoelace (VIDEO)

The young mother almost picked up the poisonous snaked thinking it to be a shoelace while cleaning the room of her daughter.

The woman, called Meg, was tidying up her daughter’s room when she saw what she thought was a shoelace. Before picking it up, she turned the light on just to check what it was and she realized it was a snake.

She told 2GB:

“I thought it was a shoelace … I was actually going to pick it up and then I thought ‘oh I’d just turn the light on and see what it is.”

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The viral video captured her daughter saying “It’s okay, it’s so cute.”

They managed to catch the snake in a container and put it outside under a tree.

The snake is believed to have been a golden-crowned snake and its venom is relatively mild.

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