Ghanaian actress, Pamela Odame Watara, has revealed that her big B00bs have made her lots of money than she could have ever imagined.

According to Pamela Odame, she has made lots from having big b00bs more than she ever thought it will be of her benefits.

pamela odame watara big b00bs
My Big B00bs has Made Me Lots Of Money – Pamela Odame

Pamela further noted that she has been able to secure a lot of ‘contracts’ and her rise to prominence is largely hinged on her b00bs. Pamela also said she’ll make the most of her new status with the b00bs as her major tool before another celeb pop up from nowhere to dethrone her from her throne.

“I’m trying to get a lot from my fame using my huge boobs because someone can pop up from nowhere with bigger boobs than I have so I’m making the best out of it. I have achieved a lot using my big boobs and I’m still getting more,” she said.

She also stated that life has not been easy for her at all and that was why she had to move to Accra.

“I have not had life easy at all because at some stage in my life I had to take over and continue life all by myself. It was at this point that I decided to move to Accra to work,” she said.

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