“My Boyfriend Wants To Call-Off Our Wedding Because I Dated 15 Guys Before Meeting Him” – Pretty lady Cries

A pretty lady, 24 years of age has lamented terribly of her boyfriend’s decision to call off their wedding after she told her the number of people she had dated before meeting him.

According to a lengthy post sighted by OccupyGh.com, the pretty lady revealed that she told his fiancee everything about his past.

Her full story reads:

“I am 24 and he’s 31. We’re planning on getting married in two months. He’s so adorable so fun and loving and amazing. I love him to bits but he’s getting on my nerves these days. When we met about two years ago I really opened up to him.

I practically told him everything about myself hoping to show him how honest I am but I think that was one of the biggest mistake of my life. He asked me about the number of men I have been with and I told him and now he uses it against me.

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He says he has been with just two other women apart from me whiles i have been with 15 men. He thinks I am still promiscuous and he can’t trust me I have been trying to tell him that they are my past but he just doesn’t understand. A day doesn’t pass without him making reference to my past he even things I have been with more than the 15 men I told him about this.

This is really getting to me I love him very much and I want to be with him but this attitude is making me worried for the future, if we should end up married I am tired of talking about this over and over again.”

She is currently asking for help, advice on what to do next. We welcome your views in the comment section below or visit  OccupyGh.com for more stories.

Source: OccupyGh.com


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