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‘My Father-In-Law Spent Our $5355.09 Wedding Money’ – Man Recounts Sad Story

Father-In-Law Spent Wedding Money

Caring and loving or just being close to someone comes with its own probable risks.

This man feels betrayed because trust has been broken. He feels very disappointed because someone he respected made an unfortunate decision in his stead – which he does not agree with.

Now, he is wondering, whether or not he really knew this person he put his very trust in. Has he the right to be angry? – DBM #EverydayPeople

“Hello Dave,

It will be four years in July, 2019, since I married and I already have a long story to share with you. It all started just before our honeymoon. We were sponsored by a friend to have our honeymoon in Kumasi. We had the short notice and so we were to leave on Sunday, after our thanksgiving service. My father-in-law was very close to me and so we resolved to hand him all the gift and money we received from our wedding, since we did not have enough time to deposit the money into our account. We gave him Ghc 27,500 with the gifts to keep for us so that we would return and deposit it ourselves. Dave, we returned after four days and my in law told us he had deposited the money into his account and so he would have it transferred to our account before the Monday, of the following week.

We agreed to it and said that was ok. After Monday, I asked him if it’s gone through and he told me he unfortunately deposited it into his investment account and so he would ensure we got interest on it after three months of maturity. I believed my father-in-law because he was a respected ex police officer. After three months, the story changed. During that time also, I was faced with a serious challenge and so I had to resign from my job and I have been jobless until now. My father-in-law kept giving us stories for more than one year, saying he had done an investment to the tune of Ghc 200,000 with ADB and he was advised by his bankers to extend the investment tenure to enable him make more money.

Now it got to a point that this man started asking my wife and I for money all in the name of waiting for his investment to mature. It went on to the extent we had to sometimes sleep without food, and my wife was pregnant at that point, and bed ridden for six months. Dave, it was a difficult time for us. My father-in-law as at this time had collected a total of Ghc75, 000 from us being all we have.

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I started suspecting something fishy and discussed it with my wife; we started doing our own investigations about my father-in-law. It was at this time that we realized he had no single money in his account with ADB or any other bank. We confronted him and he told us that he would get us our money in two weeks. We went to him after two weeks and the story changed again. I happened to meet an ECG bill distributor who brought my father-in-law’s bill on one of the days we went to the house. I checked the name and saw that, it had a different name and not that of my in law. I confronted him and he told me, he had not changed his name, since he bought the house.

I was still not convinced so I went on to investigate. It was revealed that he had rented the said house for two years, and had told his wife that he had bought the house. I was able to get the contact of the owner of the house, called him and he confirmed that he had rented the house to a police pensioner. He told me, my father-in-law had only one month to evict from the house since his rent had expired. It was at this point that my father-in-law told us the truth that, he did not know what he did with all the money he received from the AG as well as those he took from us. Now I had to move from our rented chamber and hall self-contain so as to accommodate my mother- in-law, who was so depressed and almost at the point of killing herself.

I went for loan, rented a two bedroom house and moved from our chamber and hall to live with my mother-in-law. Dave, can you believe that my father-in-law after moving from the house went to sleep at a bus terminal for more than three months? We later found out that the AG department paid him Almost Ghc 450, 000 three years ago. Until now no one knows what he did with all the money. We have been through a lot and life is not easy for us. I can’t even pay my kids school fees, my rent is expired and we are to move out by end of May, all hope is lost and we owe a lot of money to friends and family.

I have kept this to myself for almost two years now. I decided to share my story with you so as to enable anyone reading this to watch out for some of these things in life. Dave, it’s not easy at all. I am strong because of Christ Jesus. ” – From Osei


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