Sometimes the spirit of promiscuity and lust can cause the downfall of men and land them in a big disgrace. This is how some men end up raping young girls.

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A depressed wife has narrated to a Relationship Coach how she suspects her husband of disvirgining their daughter.

According to her, she has caught him licking the veejay of the little girl before but he denied it even after being caught in the act.

The husband argued and said it’s a funnel which disvirgined the girl but not him.


She wrote:

“I caught my husband sucking my baby’s pu$$y. I came back from the market. I was shocked on seeing that and I rushed him immediately and took my baby. I asked him what was he doing and he claimed my baby pooed and wanted to change her diaper. He claimed he was not sucking d pu$$y but playing with his daughter.

That it’s not what I think. Out of annoyance, I called him a pedophile and he took offense and left the house. He’s expecting me to apologize before he will come back. He told his mum that we are having issues but I don’t think he told them what he did.

My mum left my place and his mum is to come for her own omugwo this Sunday. Hubby is telling her to hold on. She called me and was pestering me to tell her what is happening.”