My Husband's Ex-Wife Is Pregnant For Him - Woman Contemplates Leaving The Marriage

A woman who has been married to her husband for 7 years has revealed she is contemplating leaving her man after she found out that the husband’s ex-wife is pregnant for him.

According to the woman, her dilemma is tough because she has a 6-year-old daughter with her husband.

However, she got the shock of her life after learning that her husband’s ex-wife is now pregnant for him.

Taking to Twitter she wrote:

“Hey Tete Fadzie I’ve been married to my husband for 10 years now and we live in Norway…my husband had a child with his ex-wife in Zimbabwe and I had no problem with it I treated the child like my own and I love the child.


My husband and I have our own six-year-old daughter… now the problem is I found out the ex-wife is pregnant with my husband’s child… I had heard rumors that every time he went to Zim they were seen going out together but I just thought kuti since they have a child together they are discussing what’s going on with the child.

To be honest tete I’m in pain my husband apologized and cried but I can’t even look at him… right now the ex-wife is living with my mother-in-law because my mother-in-law said it’s not right that she lives alone when she’s pregnant…

I told my parents kuti I’m leaving him because my skin crawls every time he touches me and the anger and pain I feel cannot be explained, but they said I should be strong because men will always be men…I don’t know what to do because I don’t think our relationship will ever be the same again or if I will love and respect him the way I used to…”

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