Nigerian superstar Burna Boy has revealed that his next album is born out of the pain that he has been through in the music industry and his entire life.

Burna Boy in a series of tweets denoted that the industry stories of all the pains will be communicated in his next album.

burna boy next album
‘My Next Album Is Born Out Of Pain’ – Burna Boy

He tweeted:

“This next album. I need you to hear the pain in my voice, The pain of an OUTSIDER, Forever marked by my skin, my past, and the place I come from No matter how skilled I am or how honorable I proved myself.

Now it is clear why Burna had an album named OUTSIDE. He further added,

“I forever suffer. The full eyed masses hatred of anything they do not understand. I embraced my pain and turned it into the greatest weapon this world will ever know.”

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