A young man, identified as a pastor, married for 9 years with his wife has cried out for help on social media.

According to this man, he constantly quarrels with his wife because of Sex and therefore needs help on what to do.

husband wife quarrel over sekz

He shared:

“Good evening tweeps, my marriage is jerking. Needs a quick solution.

We married 9years ago.
She was a virgin in my Church. I am a pastor too.
Though we were not in the same state.
She was the first woman I had sex with after our marriage.
But I noticed that she has no interest in anything called sex.
She will not deny me sex, but I do not enjoy it because she’s not enthused to it.

I have tried all I could to make her love sex, but all to no avail.
If you do not demand for sex, she’ll not show any interest, even if you stay one year without talking about it.
And I am 100% sure that she’s not seeing any man anywhere.

I took my time to educate her from the little research I made, but she wouldn’t pay any serious attention.

I querried myself as to wether I do not satisfy her, on another point, sometimes, I’d last for 10-15 mins which, according to research is not bad.

Last night, I got angry at her attitude towards it. To me, she just try to open legs for me to satisfy myself and get down.

This has affected my psyche towards her.
But apart from her low libido, she is a very wonderful and good woman to be with.

So, last night, I opened up to her once again and told her she’s making me to think twice and that am not happy at her actions.

Since today, our relationship has dwindled.

Alot of things have been going through my mind.

I don’t know what to do. Am confused.
I can’t go to another woman and leave such a good woman that have given me 4 kids.

Pls is there any known solution? I NEED HELP”

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