Mzbel Reveals How She Met Nigel Gaisie
Mzbel Reveals How She Met 'Fake' Nigel Gaisie | VIDEO

Mzbel Reveals How She Met ‘Fake’ Prophet Nigel Gaisie | VIDEO

Mzbel has detailed in a recent interview sighted by how she met Ghanaian popular prophet, Prophet Nigel Gaisie.

Mzbel has shared her side of the story pertaining to her relationship with Prophet Nigel Gaisie.

Speaking to Giovani Caleb on Showbiz 30 aired on TV3, Mzbel who seemed to be very shy of giving out the details of her relationship with Prophet Nigel revealed that they started as friends talking stuff in general with the exception of religious stuff.

She revealed that after a while their friendship went south and became very unpalatable.

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Her relationship with Prophet Nigel re-surfaced as a result of the recent attacks by Kennedy Agyapong in his agenda to expose fake prophets in the country.

According to Mzbel, her experience with Prophet Nigel was very bad and he’s not a nice person to be around with.

She added that because she has a voice, she was able to get justice for her situation but others who don’t may not.

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Asked to advise young ladies with her experience by Giovani Caleb, she urged them to be careful going near “men of men” like Nigel Gaisie….because if you don’t have a voice like I have you would not get justice.

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