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Nayas Is Very Good In Bed - Husband, Nana Sarfo Kantanka

Newly married couple, Nayas and her husband Nana Sarfo Kantanka are already in the news just days after their marriage.

It seems the controversial two are really meant for each other as Nana Sarfo Kantanka has explained further to reasons why he married Nayas.

According to Nana Sarfo Kantanka, his wife although controversial in the media light is one of the best when it comes to bedmatics.

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Nana Sarfo Kantanka explained that he enjoys ever bit of his wife when it comes to bedroom skills and this is one of the reasons to why he married her.

Nana Sarfo Kantanka further advised suitors to go for experience ladies like his wife Nayas when it is time for them to settle for marriage.

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Nayas’ husband, Nana Sarfo is the Asanteman Kontihene of Hamburg, Germany.

Nana Sarfo Kantanka