Pretty Nigerian Lady Poisoned By Her Best Friend Who Fell In Love With Her Boyfriend

A pretty Nigerian lady, a hair retailer identified as Annishair has been poison to death by her best friend.

Details privy to us at indicates that Annishair died because her best friend was fighting her over a man who happens to be her boyfriend.

Annishair’s best friend is said to own a restaurant. She had been supplying her with food reportedly kept giving her poison over for some time until she passed on a few days ago.

A source close to the incident reported the sad incident, revealing that the restaurant owner poisoned her over the interest of a man. The report:

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“Apparently, this girl who owns a restaurant has been supplying food to and slowly poisoning her friend who owns a hair place since January. The friend died some days ago’.
It was over the interest of a man.
What a terrible terrible thing!”

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