Nigerian Lesbian Propose to Ghanaian Girlfriend
VIDEO: Nigerian Lesbian Proposes To Ghanaian Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

Wonders o – A Nigerian young lady presumed to be a lesbian has just proposed to her Ghanaian girlfriend in broad day light with no prejudice.

The young Nigerian lady identified as Michell Unukpo took to her Facebook page to announce the engagement to her Ghanaian girlfriend as sighted by

Michell Unukpo noted on Facebook that her girlfriend, Ama Talkless, has made her dreams a reality and has been an amazing person ever since they met.

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Her post read:

“She finally said Yes. 💍💍The main people in your life is the once who know what makes an happiness becomes reality. Ama Talkless you have been amazing to me since I know you. I love you so much ❤️.”

Michell Unukpo later returned to bashed netizen after realizing that her post has garnered more ‘negative’ comments. She noted:

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“How happy I am. 2 seconds,😂 Everyone is talking about me like Dollars.”

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Nigerian Lesbian Proposes To Ghanaian Girlfriend