VIDEO: Nigerian Man Slaps Lady At Access Bank Over ‘Cue’ Argument

Real drama unfolded at an ATM point at an Access Bank when a grown man angrily slapped a young lady over a heated argument over who was in a cue.

A fracas broke out at the ATM gallery of an Access Bank branch in Nigeria as two adults, fought each other over who came before the other.

The duo got into a heated argument over the first person who visited the ATM and it led to the heated exchange of words between them.

After a while of dragging themselves, the fight turned physical and the man threw slaps and punches at the lady who quickly burst into tears.

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Reacting to this, eyewitnesses at the scene hurled insults at the man for daring to hit a lady who isn’t his wife. They condemned his action totally while the lady stood at a corner crying.

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