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VIDEO: Is There No Better Person Than Mahama To Lead The NDC? - Prince David Osei Quiz

VIDEO: Is There No Better Person Than Mahama To Lead The NDC? – Prince David Osei Quizzes

Veteran Ghanaian actor and model, Prince David Osei has noted that it is a big insult to Ghana as a nation if Mahama contest for the presidential seat in the forthcoming election.

“So the whole of Ghana and the whole of NDC, there’s nobody to stand apart from him? You’ve been president but just after four years, you want to come back? To me, I feel like it’s an insult to the nation” the actor said.

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He was again heard in the interview to have said that, “If NDC had come up with a different candidate; let’s say Alan Bagbin (He may be referring to Alban Bagbin), Ekow Spio Garbrah or any of these people, I would have probably rooted for him but this is a situation whereby the ex-president Mahama has become a president, finished his term and is coming back”.

He further added that judging between the previous John Mahama administration and the current, Ghana is on course for greater things ahead and also advocated that the Nana Addo led administration should be given four more years.

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“I believe that, going forward, Ghana is going to enjoy under this administration.” the actor added.

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