Obinim Unveils How Long Good Sex Should Last For

Head pastor of The Internationals God’s Way Church, Angel Pastor Obinim has revealed to his congregation how long good sex should last for, reports.

According to Obinim, it puzzles him when a man and a woman are insecure because of infidelity in a marriage.

Speaking to his congregation, Obinim questioned to know “How many hours does sex last? how many minutes does sex last?”

During a sermon in his Accra based branch of his church, Obinim revealed that any woman who doesn’t ‘come’ after 15 minutes of intercourse needs to visit the hospital for they are sick.

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“How many hours does sex last? how many minutes does sex last? So those who follow their husbands and wives when they go out, I see it that you are fooling yourself. Sex doesn’t last long and can even sit in a car and do it within seconds. Sex can last for only 10 minutes…”

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“Sex which last for 15,20,30 minutes means you are sick. The person is sick if he doesn’t come after 15,20,30 minutes”

Check out Obinim revealing the perfect duration a good sex should last for below or Click Here for more videos