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Omar Bin Omran: Algerian Man Missing for 27 Years Found Alive in Neighbor’s Cellar

Omar Bin Omran
Omar Bin Omran: Algerian Man Missing for 27 Years Found Alive in Neighbor's Cellar

Omar Bin Omran, who vanished at 17 in 1998, has been found alive in a shocking turn of events.

A social media post exposed his suspected captor, a 61-year-old neighbor, who had been holding Omar in his cellar for nearly three decades.

The family of Omar stormed the man’s home after receiving the tip, finding him hidden under haystacks. The captor, a civil servant, had been purchasing food for two people, raising suspicions.

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Omar claimed he was unable to escape due to a spell cast by his abductor, according to Algerian media reports.

The motive behind the abduction remains unclear, but the case has left authorities and the public stunned.

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