GrandPa of TV3’s Date Rush reality show has revealed that a lot of ladies now want him after his last episode on the show.

According to GrandPa, over 400 girls call him every day to propose marriage..

GrandPa of tv3 Date Rush
Over 400 Girls Now Want Me After Suzzy Picked Me – GrandPa Of Date Rush Reveals (VIDEO)

When questioned as to if Susana played a role in the new pressure with girls, GrandPa revealed that he has no idea, however, he noted that the ladies who call him reveal that they are willing to sponsor their marriage with him.

“After Susana picked me, I’ve had over 400 calls every day from girls who reveal they like me. About 3 of these ladies have revealed that they will sponsor my marriage to them…

“Women are calling here and there, it is not easy, not easy at all, they keep calling,” Grandpa noted in this latest interview.

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