Patapaa - 3y3 hu
VIDEO: Patapaa Has A New Gibberish Song - Instagram Users reacted (Video below)

Swedru ‘Rap Lord’, Patapaa has a new song, ‘3y3 Hu’ and as expected of it, the song is everything you will never want in a song, yet it is groovy. (Video below)

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The ‘Scopatumanaa’ singer has been away for a little while and just when we thought sanity has returned, he releases a new song full of gibberish to disturb the peace.

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Patapaa calls this new song – ‘3ye Hu’ which roughly translates into English, ‘Scary’.

Patapaa - 3y3 hu

I have heard the song, it’s trashy but I must confess I love it. There’s something about the Swedru ‘Rap Lord’s’ music that moves the crowd.

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Instagram user reacted to Patapaa’s music after he shared a video of the recording:

@occupyghdotcom: “Patapaa, we will have to beat you for releasing another hit song o ???”

@_rocko_xx: “Peezy niee?”

@king_psylock: “? fire ? ?”

akua1694: “K))))))))))))) s3 collection???????????????????????????asem aba biom?‍♀️?‍♀️”

@shaolinkobby: “Man on fire ????”

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