police shoot girlfriend dead in tanzania
Police Officer Shoots Girlfriend Dead

A Police Officer has shot his girlfriend dead in Tunduru-Ruvuma, a small township in Tanzania after she refused to marry him.

According to details gathered by OccupyGh.com, James Paulo, a 27-year-old police man who funded his girlfriend, Beatha Kafuru’s education and expected her to marry him shot her dead after she refused to marry him.

James Paulo was arrested by the Tanzania police after the incident.

According to a report on k24tv, a local tabloid, James fired three bullets into his girlfriend, Beatha Kafuru’s head who died right on the spot.

Beatha Kafuru completed her education recently gaining a diploma in nursing.

James Paulo reportedly confessed to the police that he funded Beatha’s education and they both planned to get marry after she was done with her schooling.

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Source: OccupyGh.com