Pretending Mad Man Caught Trying Kidnap Child

A young man has been caught trying to kidnap a child while disguised as being mad. A video sighted by, posted on Instagram by an unknown user shows a man who man many believe was a mad man trying to kidnap a child before he was arrested.

Ifetemi warns that people should be vigilant about people we see walking around the streets thinking they are MAD because some of them are actually normal. He is allegedly in Police custody.

This man caught might just be a case out of many as kidnappers are beginning to device any means and strategy to carry out their plans.

In a recent post we shared, a woman caught on camera attempting to kidnap 4-year-old at McDonald but has been arrested.

The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon and the security camera shows a woman carrying a 4-year-old out of a McDonald’s restaurant located in the 1300 block of East Olympic Boulevard.

As the woman attempted to enter a parked vehicle, a witness stopped her and she fled on foot from the area, the LAPD said.