Princess Shyngle Expose Married Men
Princess Shyngle To Leak Chats With Married Men Who Hit Her In Her DM | SCREENSHOTS

Princess Shyngle To Leak Chats With Married Men Who Hits Her In Her DM | SCREENSHOTS

Actress Princess Shyngle is not happy about the way married men are flooding her Direct Messenger on Instagram and she has promised to expose them.

According to Princess Shyngle in a post sighted by, the Gambian born actress who is mostly based in Ghana has promised to screenshot and share her DM messages with these married men.

She noted while sharing a photo of herself:

“If you’re a married man and you mistakenly slide into my dm asking me out or even complimenting me I’m going to screenshot it and send it to your wife. I’m not joking, I’m about to dm a few wives with a screenshot of their husband on my dm 🙄🙄🤪 . CEO @snatchedbyprinces”

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This is enough fore-warning to the so-called married men who flood Princess Shyngle’s DM.

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