Gambian Ghana based Princess Shyngle who is more famous on Instagram than Shatta Wale has flaunted her n*ked body in her bathtub ─apparently to attract new ‘customers’ to patronize her usual ‘business’. (Video below)

Princess Shyngle in the videos posted on the Instagram page of GhanaCelebrities, she was seen flaunting her hourglass body shape in her bathtub while filming herself.

This looks like the old Princess Shyngle that we all know, the ‘I Don’t Give A F**k’ kinda attitude she has always donned till she tried to put up a recent change.

Princess Shyngle has gone back to her default settings to engage in her usual flaunting of raw skin even though she vowed not to post raw videos and photos of herself on social media somewhere in 2018.

Her reasons were simple, to look decent and grab a husband as she isn’t growing any younger. It’s now obvious that Princess Shyngle isn’t interested in appearing decent in the eyes of suitors.

Check out the her 2 videos below…

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