Onana Jr
PZ Cussons 'Robbed' Us - Onana Jr

The family (Uncles, Aunties and Friends) of Onana Jr., an eleven-month-old baby boy, has accused PZ Cussons of robbing their ‘little one’ of his victory in the first place of a competition that was run by the beauty brand on social media.

For months on end, PZ Cussons had been running a rigorous online Campaign aimed at identifying a Baby to represent Cussons Brand.

The Campaign attracted thousands of Ghanaians who submitted their photos to the PZ Cussons Social Media teams for the purposes of nomination and possible win.

According to a letter we received from Onana Jr’s Uncle, PZ Cussons used participant of the competition as a marketing tool with no intention of actually picking a legitimate winner for it, especially in their case.

The letter from Onana Jr’s uncle reads:

Hello Editor of OccupyGh,

“We entered the draw for Cusson’s baby contest. It was to send pictures of our babies with Cussons products. We numbered 1050 as participants. The contest was split into 4 rounds. First-round was for voting. We were able to pull 2518 votes and kept afloat on top of anyone else.

The voting process entails sending a link with Cusson’s inscriptions all over which directs the voter to where your baby’s picture will be displayed. It takes a maximum of 2 minutes to complete the process if your internet connection is strong.

So 1st round we managed to gain the highest votes with 2518.

The second round was for the judges to select the top 100 from 1050. Luckily we got selected and that meant we were up for the 3rd round which was the selection of 30 babies from the 100. We qualified for the 30 babies and that was the round 3.

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Voting started afresh on this round. Round one was strictly voting which lasted 2 weeks. Round 3 was also for voting but was for one week. At the end of round 3. We still maintained our lead even though voting began from scratch. We were able to convince a total of 3873 voters to vote for us. (will send the results).

We pulled enough votes to qualify for round 4. In the round, we were told that our votes gathered in the 3rd round carried 50% of the marks. If you consider the number of votes we got and the difference from the other contestants you will realize we were way ahead of everyone to the extent that a simple mathematical calculation of the sequence will keep us in top 3.

In the final Round 4, we had to take photos and dress in the same attire as our babies. Present them on the final day for judges to score points. That was the remaining 50%.

We took the pictures and selected what we had. So the final day was Sunday, Nov. 3 and we had to present our babies. We did that and the criteria (one part) was for your baby to have the X factor to WOW the JUDGES.
My baby is 11months. Obviously what he cab do on stage is limited. His wow features will not be what a 2yr old will be able to do. The ‘WOW things’ the other contestants could do was to walk to and fro the stage and also to dance. This, my baby, could not do.

Final results came but my baby who even though scored more votes in the ROUND 3 was not listed as top 3 when 50% of his votes were to be computed as part of his final score.

In the order in which he was called it meant he placed seventh but they said from 4th to 10th was not called in any particular order.

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Now here is the reason why people are so upset. We wasted so much time on voting. 3weeks. Time and energy. 2 weeks for the first round. 1week for the third round. We gave the brand publicity. We got celebrities to endorse the contest and post on their timelines to solicit for votes.

With the 50% of our score coming from votes we were not to have any problem. The judges’ other 50% was to come from (twinning, photoshoot (photogenic and branding) and a so-called X factor (what makes your baby stand out).

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We ask ourselves. How come our baby could not make TOP 3? Is it the case that the judges scored him 0 or negative marks? Assuming without admitting that it so happened. We believe that he still would have been in the top 3 by the overwhelming endorsement he got from the public.

We feel cheated and used by PZ Cussons and Cussons Baby Ghana. Our campaign stretched the shores of Accra. We capitalized on our strength and gained overwhelming votes. The baby that placed 2nd only got 772 of the votes and the difference with our votes is over 3000. Highly impossible to get scores from judges that will enable her to become second and we were 7th.”

Our efforts to reach PZ Cussons’ Cussons Baby Ghana on their official social media page for their side of the story has proved futile.

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