Do you have this “Tiny Hole” above your ear? This is what it means

Growing up, I remember I was told that having a tiny hole over their ears means you have “Fish Gills” like fishes and this will make you live underwater for more than an hour without surfacing.

Tiny Hole Above Ear
Reason For “Tiny Hole” Above The Ear Finally Explained

“You’re a fortunate soul.”, a friend of mine was told about the tiny hole he has above his ear.

Well, according to Wikipedia, the small hole, located just above the ear seen by some people, is known as the pre aricular pit.

Tiny Hole Above Ear

This Tiny Hole or Pearicular Pit may be found on one side or both of a human ear. Four out of ten people have the pit behind their ears (s). The pericular pit is a widely recorded birth abnormality in the first instance in 1864.

Why do some people do and why do some not?

In most cases, the pits are legacy, which means they lie within the family of a victim, which sometimes occurs as an occasional source (for no particular reason). That’s usually a legacy irregularity when it happens in a child’s two faces.

Why should you be vigilant?

These little trousers usually do not cause big problems, but anyone who has this pit (the little hole) must be alert because they are likely to get intoxicated. The abscess stops until the narrow hole are polluted (a small painful lump that contains Pus). And this pus will lead to a person having headache, fever, and nausea when they are removed.