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Video: Regina Daniels Dares Peter To Give Her 30 Seconds To Empty Shoprite

Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels has dared popular musician, Peter Okoye who is a former member of the defunct music group, P-Square.

In a post on her Instagram handle, Regina Daniels shared a video of Peter Okoye making an advert and allowing his fans to win some goodies at Shoprite.

Peter Okoye will be allowing some selected fans to choose anything they want from Shoprite within one minute, and Regina Daniels in her reaction to the video stated that she can empty Shoprite in just 30 seconds.

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Regina Daniels noted:

“Peter don’t try me oh!
1minute too much’ just give me 30seconds I will empty Shoprite! Can you imagine?

First his closet, now you get a chance to raid Shoprite! Do you have what it takes?

Get your tickets now at for the very first Zoom Raider draw happening on the 16th of March 2020.”

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