Thirty-five percent of males ejaculate during a bowel movement, especially when they’re constipated. In comparison, forty percent of men release a liquid associated with male arousal during a bowel movement.

If this is the case, why don’t we know about it? We’ll. Unfortunately, those who suffer from this condition are very embarrassed about it, and they chose to enjoy it in silence, according to an online survey done on over 10 000 men.

Men Ejaculate When They Poop 2
Research Shows That 35% Of Men Ejaculate When They Poop

Three thousand five hundred men across the globe say they have the condition, and the one above 25 years of age says they know how to control it and they know what type of stool does it best. The survey shows that this phenomenon is more likely to happen when one is constipated, which leads to some men getting themselves constipated on purpose.

Some of them added extra notes when answering the survey for example; Someone says that he knows how to push the stool back and forth, thus rubbing the prostate, AKA the male G-spot, for a guaranteed orgasm or two before he gets off the toilet seat.

The forty percent who reported pre-cvming while they are pooping says the pleasure is more intense during a stiffer stool, and they can tell that the real ejaculation is just around the corner.

If this happens to you, please leave an anonymous comment below and tell us about your experience.

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