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Photo: Resurrection Pastor Alph Lukau Caught In S*x Scandal

Resurrection Pastor Alph Lukau

Pastor Alph Lukau has once again been thrown into the spotlight after serious allegations of sexual assault against him surfaced in the media.

A woman, who chose to remain anonymous, has accused Pastor Alph Lukau of demanding intercourse with her when she was just a teenager. The allegations were made in an interview with City Press last week.

The woman, Angela*, claimed she wanted to meet the ‘man of God’ for several months and when she finally got the chance to visit him, things went downhill.

According to Angela, 2013 was a year marked with constant crying as she blamed herself for attending Lukau’s church.

She said during their first visit, Lukau allegedly commented on her blouse and hairstyle. He then asked her about her sexual history and she claimed he was excited when she told him she was still a virgin. “The meeting was more than an hour long, but from that meeting on, we never discussed anything about God or the Bible, and not even the reason I was there,” she said.

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Angela explained the next time she met with Lukau, she was last in line because the ‘resurrection pastor’ allegedly told her that her matter was “very serious” and needed “more attention”.

She said she was ecstatic to meet with Lukau because she thought he would help her receive deliverance. However, when it was finally her turn to see Lukau, he allegedly told her he could help her but she needed to be “relaxed and free” around him.

“He demanded sex and touched me on my waist. He then asked that I have sex with him at 12am on the church’s premises,” she said.

Angela claimed Lukau told her to undress during their next meeting and if she was not comfortable on the church’s premises, they could book a hotel room.

“I knew what he was doing was wrong, but I was scared of him. One would think this man of God, who has a huge following, is a deputy Jesus,” she said.


Angela said Lukau allegedly told her to get down on her knees and she did as he asked. She added he was a large man with “big muscles” and when he hugged her she felt scared and powerless.


According to Angela, she never accepted a meeting with Lukau again. She added she did not open a case against Lukau because no one would believe her.


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