It was all tears as the physically challenged man’s house in Dansoman in Greater Accra has been demolished by a popular church.

The physically challenged, Benjamin Thompson, has pleaded with the government to intervene on his behalf as per a new video sighted by

Church Demolishes Physically Challenged Man House
Church Demolishes Physically Challenged Man’s House In Dansoman (VIDEO)

As per the available details, Mr. Thompson was deformed after being involved in an accident some years ago.

After going through all the hustle and bustle just to have his arm fixed, Mr. Thompson said no surgery could help him after visiting several hospitals in the country.

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“After the accident, I tried all I could just to make sure I get my surgery done on my arms but after every surgery, doctors told me my broken arm cannot be done. It was a very painful moment for me because I won’t be able to take care of my wife and kids in this condition,” he narrated amidst tears.

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And now a popular Church in Dansoman has demolished his house.

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