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Sakawa Woman Confesses: I Slept With My Blood Brother For 16 Years To…

sakawa woman confesses

The issue of Sakawa in the country has been on the rise lately with some youths in their quest to find quick money engage in the act which they later regret in life for indulging in because of the terms and conditions attached to them.

It is believed that men are the only people who engage in the act but that is not the case this time as the females have also taken up the acts of getting rich through money rituals.

A lady has shared her story of how she had to sleep with her brother under the directive of a ritualist so as to make money and she did that for 16 years.

According to her, she was told by the ritualist that it was the only way she could become rich and warned that if they dared stopped, that was going to be their end.

It all happened when the siblings were given a get-rich plan by a native doctor upon encouragement from their peers who were already dealing with the man who took them through the initiation process.

Lerato Mathibedi, the lady at the center of the controversy, said she was 27 and her brother was 29 when they went to a native doctor for advice to make money. She said the native doctor gave them a charm that got them all hot and excited and instructed them to have sex every week.

She said they were desperate and did what he said and later she and her brother lived reasonably well because they bought a house, got involved in some businesses and had a lot of cash.

The South African now 43 who is completely broke, said things took a nosedive after her brother died in February 2018.

In her account, she slowly started losing her wealth and is now left with only her house.

“What hurts me the most is that my brother died with our wealth? I wish we had a plan if something like that happened.”

Lerato Mathibedi said the native doctor told them they must have sex at least once a week, but they enjoyed it and made it a daily routine until the unfortunate death of her brother which herald her end.

“I only had one boyfriend in my life, but when I started sleeping with my brother there was no reason for me to have a boyfriend. My brother provided with the best sex and wealth. I know it’s strange but our parents died when we were young so we had to look after each other.”

She said she tried suicide by overdosing on pills. “I started hating myself and everyone around me. I hated them for saving me from my suicide, but at some point, I had to stand tall and fix my life.”

She couldn’t get a job. She searched for the first native doctor but couldn’t find him so she asked another native doctor to help. But he couldn’t help her. “I don’t want to die broke. I need help.”



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