Salle or CallMeSalle (Call Me Salle), whatever you want to call her, just be sure to call her Sallè and not a hawker anymore because the Nigerian girl has been reborn and here to stay.

Salle the hawker video
Salle The Poor Hawker Girl With The Golden Voice Video (CallMeSalle)

It all started when her hawker video surfaced online on Instagram.

This young girl has broken grounds with her golden voice, all thanks to social media and the dudes who took a video of her while she was hacking on the streets.

With that pretty face and a beautiful voice, she is sure to go higher than everyone might have thought.

Undoubtedly, she is a born musician.

From Nigeria, one of the biggest countries on the African continent with over 201 million people, it is indeed tough to shine. And when you shine, you shine the loudest.

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