A schoolgirl in the Gaya district of Bihar in India has provoked an outrage after she was Sekzually harassed by a group of men and the video posted on social media.

The public outrage of the case has forced police to register the case and investigate the matter.

Police superintendent Aditya Kumar said he has ordered identification of the men.

The men are purportedly seen assaulting, calling themselves social reformers, & sexually harassing the girl after they found her with a friend, who was also assaulted on Saturday. They recorded the assault & posted the video on social media. The men pulled the girl’s dupatta, hair and kept touching her inappropriately.

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“Despite the girl’s protests, the harassment… continued. When she tried to escape from the spot, the men threatened to kill her friend, who was held hostage on gunpoint,” an investigator said.

Source: OccupyGh.com