A young lady on Instagram, @cammyashlovee, has disclosed what a gang of armed robbers did to her friend @Teelove.

Sharing a sad ordeal on her Instagram, she revealed that her friend was kidnapped last night by a clique of men after they managed to have stabbed her Bolt driver.

See What Kidnappers Did To A Lady
See What Kidnappers Did To A Lady After They Stabbed Her Bolt Driver (VIDEO)

They started playing with her in their escape car until one of the kidnappers revealed that her breast is too small for what they needed it for.

They later started stabbing her after she tried to escape. And although she did, she survived with so many stab wounds.

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“This happened to my friend @teelove.i, On her way to Lekki at about 8pm, yesterday(13/06/2021) her @bolt_nigeria driver was double-crossed, the rider was stabbed and they took my friend in their car (black Toyota Matrix) one of the kidnappers started pressing her breast inside the car telling the other one her breast is too small, for what they need it for then she started dragging with them and they started stabbing her ..

But thank God she escaped via the car window.. please guys let’s be safe out there..This country has failed us,going out and coming in safely is underrated..The government has failed us..”

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 Source: OccupyGh.com