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"Send Me Money" - Moesha Caught In Video Chanting Sugardaddies

“Send Me Money” – Moesha Caught In Video Chanting Her Sugardaddy

Ghanaian socialite Moesha Boduong has been seen in a viral video that just surfaced online as she chants her sugar daddies to send her money.

In the video sighted by OccupyGh, Moesha is seen donning white apparel. She has her face powdered with a white substance.

Moesha is then seen chanting – ‘Send Me Money’ before she blows a white substance which she had in her hands.

Surprisingly enough, Moesha shared the video on her official Instagram page. She captioned the video:

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“Send me money!!!”

Of course, this has to be a joke or probably, she is just doing what her mallam asked her to do, just like the Benin guys who returned from Benin and went mad after he was allegedly asked to drink ‘pad-water’.

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