List of Senior High Schools Which Have Recorded COVID-19 Cases In Ghana

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has grossly affected every nation with a just few out of them surviving the terrible effect.

The pandemic has touched every aspect of the most country, counting from Education, Economy, and the untouchable – Religion.

Amid the spread of the COVID-19, Ghanaian president Akufo-Addo managed to re-open schools for all final year students i.e Junior High Schools (JHS), Senior High School (SHS).

Unfortunately, some schools have recorded some cases of the novel coronavirus although PPE’s and other strict preventive measures have been put in place to curtail situations like this from happening.

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Listed below are some Senior High Schools which have reportedly recorded cases of the novel COVID-19.

  • Accra Girls Senior High School (6)
  • Bechem PRESEC (1)
  • Kwahu SHS( Not confirmed but students are under quarantine)
  • Mpraeso SHS (Not Confirmed but students are under quarantine).
  • Ayirebi SHS (Suspected Cases)



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