shatta wale in trouble
Shatta Wale In Trouble For Allegedly Flaunting 'Fake' Dollars

VIDEO: Shatta Wale In Trouble For Allegedly Flaunting ‘Fake’ Dollars

Our dancehall artiste Shatta Wale is allegedly in trouble for flaunting ‘fake’ dollars in a viral video that surfaced yesterday as reported by us at

In the viral video, Shatta Wale looked extremely smart in his white long sleeve shirt with a white round hat while he counts a table full of bundles of dollars.

The expression on his face proves he is not joking at all as he looks very serious in his large space SM office.

The spacious office is believed to be in the huge mansion of the ‘Ayoo’ hitmaker. He was seen with the dozens of dollar notes laid out in front of him in the office as he counted it.

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All that while, he was seen working on his Apple computer in the brightly lit office.

Currently, there’s a fuss about the money Shatta Wale displayed.

A social media user has claimed that isn’t genuine dollars – according to him, those are notes displayed in shooting music videos but Shatta Wale posed as if they were actual dollars.

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This has sparked controversy among internet users who are currently debating about it.

He wrote:

‘This ain’t money. These the ones they do use in casting a videos wae’

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