Artist Jupitar has recounted a moment a police officer slapped dancehall Artist Shattta Wale at Tawala beach resort in Accra.

According to Jupitar, Shatta Wale once had an altercation with some Police Officers at Tawala – a beach resort at Labadi.

Jupitar noted in a Twitter post:

“@Shattawalegh you dey kai the time police chase we on our way to Tawala?? Dem catch we weh Wale say: ” Ohh you no know me? Ibi me do dancehall king ina do woole Ghana... dere nooor taaaa !! taaa !!”

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This incidence according to Jupitar happened at the moment Shatta Wale is building his career in the not too far past.

Check out a screenshot of Jupitar’s revelation below or visit for more stories.

Shatta Wale Was Slapped By A Policeman – Jupitar Reveals