Sister Derby Reveals Secret Behind Her Young Beauty At Her Age

Keeping her skin, face and body young as always, Sister Derby has nearly never age even at the age of 35, she still looks younger than before.

Revealing her secret to how she maintains a younger being, Sister Derby revealed to Bryt TV saying:

“Growing up, my mother was always telling people her mind and she didn’t have time to be angry or bear grudges so she always looked younger than her age…

Even when she returned to Romania where she was born, her colleagues praised her youthfulness. I think that’s where I picked up that behavior… I always confront people who hurt me and tell them my peace of mind. That’s how I free my heart”.

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Speaking on how young artistes disrespected those who have been in the industry, the African Mermaid emphasized that, respect is reciprocal and those who wanted respect needed to show respect in return

“To every action there is a reaction, if as an artist you don’t respect others, you won’t be shown respect…me for instance, if you abuse me on social media, I will confront you and free my heart than to start unnecessary beef.”


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