slay queen sleeps with friend's father
Slay Queen Caught Sleeping With Her Best Friend's Father In Viral Video

Slay Queen Caught Sleeping With Her Best Friend’s Father In Viral Video

A video that has just surfaced online social media captures the exact moment a local slay queen was caught sleeping with her best friend’s father – as payback.

According to details gathered, the young lady took to her social media page to publicly shamed her friend for the insane act.

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She revealed in the viral video privy to that her best friend, Ada, slept with her father to get back to her for sleeping with her boyfriend.

Her post read:

“Ada you slept with my boyfriend, see now I’m in the hotel room with your father. Hello honey say hello”

In the viral video, all her father could say was just ‘hello’ when they were caught.

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This is a special kind of messed up situations.

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