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Social Media Raises Concern Over Joselyn Dumas' Latest Photo

Social Media Users Raises Concern Over Joselyn Dumas’ Latest Photo

Netizens on Instagram have raised concern over Ghanaian actress, Joselyn Dumas’, latest post which shows her new physique.

Joselyn Dumas acting and beauty are not the only features that have helped her carve a niche for herself, she is also known for her stunning curvy body.

Well, the award-winning actress seems to not be happy with her body as she has shed weight.

A photo of Joselyn Dumas in February and June has taken over the internet.

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In the photo, she looked skinny as she took six months to shed weight. From the photo, it can be seen that she has lost her iconic curvy shape.

The photo was shared with the caption that read:

“The new Joselyn Dumas.”

@deerealvee: “It looks strange ooo or could it be her hips are not natural 😮😮.

@ebukaaustine28: “I like the February one more than the June one ❤️.”

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@vastydee: “While others are slimming, others are also buying drugs to gain weight. What a world 😂😂😂😂😂.”

@blacklivesmatterblm2.0: “Lost so much weight.”

@reyericus: “She just added 10 more years to her age.”

@eastlegonconfidential: “Ah so the phone to has slimmed down.”

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