Soon Regina Daniels Replaced - Ned Nwoko 4th Wife
Regina Daniels, Ned Nwoko

Rumors gathered by indicates that things are not too smooth with Regina Daniels and wives of Ned Nwoko.

From the little we gathered on social media, the other wives were maltreating young Regina for her raw guts to marry someone who could potentially birth her.

Weeks ago, the image consultant of Ned came out to reveal that none of what we have read so far is any true. According to him, no one is maltreating anyone in any way and went ahead to rubbish claims that Regina is underage. He reiterated that Regina is old enough to make subjective choices.

We woke to a supposed conversation between Regina and Ned’s 4th wife where the woman is telling her the charm she used on their husband would soon fade and that is the very time she would be replaced. We cannot tell how true that is though.

Check the 4th wife of Ned Nwoko Instagram post below…