Ghanaian broadcast journalist Kevin Ekow Taylor has accused Stonebwoy of being a ‘[email protected] [email protected] Boi’ after he tried to downplay the #FixThecountry campaign.

According to Kevin Taylor, Stonebwoy is a fake individual and a paid puppet who will always play safe than stand for the truth.

stonebwoy hypocrite kevin taylor
Stonebwoy Is A [email protected] Boi With A Smelly Dreadlock – Kevin Taylor (VIDEO)

“You are a [email protected] Puccy boy, you are just acting. Stonebwoy is a fake [email protected] boi. Instead of him using his voice to call for a better Ghana, he is rather hoping like a grasshopper everywhere.”, Kevin blasted while on Loud Silence TV.

Kevin’s rage was after Stonebwoy tweeted on Twitter that Ghanaians are politicizing the #FixTheCounty campaign.

He tweeted in a reply to a netizen:

“Please if them send you tell Dem say u no see me o.. which part of the suffering are we not affected by directly and indirectly as Ghanaians. The problem is you the parties Politicizing everything. When you know exactly what To Do..”.

Kevin further accused SB of sleeping with prostitutes when he visits the USA.

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