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Stress and What Diseases Most Often Develop Because of It

stress diseases
Stress and What Diseases Most Often Develop Because of It

Stress is any experience that causes stress: physical, psychological, or emotional. Short-term stress is not a threat to health, but chronic stress has a strong effect on the immune system and can eventually turn into disease.

Short-term Stress Isn’t Dangerous for Your Health

Depicts an image of a stressed man
Depicts an image of a stressed man

An encounter with a lion that escaped from the zoo can be considered a stressful situation. Your body at this moment suspends many of the processes going on in it (the hormone cortisol is responsible for this) and throws all the forces on the run (adrenaline helps in this). It’s even good for the body (well, unless the lion catches up with you). Once you are safe, your adrenaline and cortisol levels return to normal and all systems resume their usual function.

But if you are constantly pressed by some situation: financial problems, difficulties in relationships, at work, impossibility to enter a 22Bet login and relax for a couple of hours, illness of loved ones, it may seem that you are attacked by mini-lions every day. The body perceives all these troubles as a threat. And the stress response stays turned on in the background.

Nonstop Stress Can Trigger Inflammation

In 2012, scientists found that nonstop stress is linked to the fact that the body is worse at regulating the inflammatory response. Inflammation is partially controlled by the hormone cortisol, and prolonged stress alters its effectiveness because it decreases tissue sensitivity to the hormone. The body is unable to respond adequately to infectious diseases – recovery is delayed and more complications arise. Inflammatory background aggravates the underlying disease. This list includes diabetes, angina pectoris or any other.

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A 2018 study proved that stress exposure significantly increases the risk of autoimmune diseases. People with stress disorder had higher chances to be diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, including multiple diseases. Researchers also noted that people with PTSD who took antidepressants were less likely to have autoimmune diseases, unlike those who did not take the drugs.

How to Control Stress: The Simplest Ways to Follow

Stressful life events cannot be avoided, but you can learn to control their impact on your life.

Coping with stress, you should select one of these methods or use them together:

  • A healthy diet, regular exercise and enough sleep.
  • Different relaxation methods: yoga, deep breathing practice, massage or meditation.
  • Favorite hobbies (surfing the Internet doesn’t count).
  • Communicating with friends and like-minded people.
  • Professional counseling by a psychologist or psychotherapist.


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